General Rules -

1. A minimum attendance of 75% of the working days is required for promotion in the next class.

2. Students should come for 10 min. before the General Assembly. Latecomers will not be welcome in the school.

3. Students repeatedly coming late or forgetting to bring books or coming without the proper uniform may be punished or sent back home.

4. No student should leave the College premises during the College hours without the written permission of the Principal which is granted on the written request of the parents only.

5. Leave of absence is granted only on the previous written application of the parents.

6. Students who are irregular in classes due to feasts, marriage celebrations, trips, visits to relations and places, and frequent latecomers will be asked to discontinue.

7. Extension of vacation is not permitted. Students who extend their holidays after vacation except for grave reasons will be asked to discontinue and vacancies will be filled from fresh applicants.

8. Application for medical leave for more than 3 days should be accompanied by a medical certificate.

9. All leave applications should bear the signature of the parent.

10. A student who is absent from the class continuously for 10 days or more without the leave sanctioned by the Principal may have his/her name struck off without any notice. If re-admitted he/she will have to pay the full admission fee and other full fees for the period of such absence.

11. It is compulsory to speak in English in the college premises to facilitate the students to use the medium of instruction.

12. The principal may punish a student for habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct by detention after class hours or by other minor punishments or may be removed for a specified period. He may even dismiss a student or ask him to discontinue if he is guilty of serious matters. A student may also be removed permanently from the college for assaulting a teacher, seriously attacking a fellow student, persistent rude behavior, and in the opinion of the principal has a demoralizing influence on fellow students.

13. Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.

14. No students may take private tuition in any subject from any member of college staff without the written permission of the principal. All such tuitions must be discontinued one week before the examinations.

15. Students should keep their classes and college compound spotlessly clean using the bins.