Founder's Message -

We are living in the state, where more than 64% of the population is living in rural areas.

Even then, we at villages have very limited access to public and private services. We have started Abhigya Foundation with a dream to set up a chain of world-class schools in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. And Dr Banwari LalSharma is just a tiny step toward this larger goal.

I am a seeker and I know that success comes to those who follow their dream. I believe in nurturing passion and try to make every individual child realize their true potential. Every child has the potential and we just need to push them. It is being confirmed by many research studies conducted by the renowned professors of the world such as “The Hole in the Wall” and “Queen of Katwe” experiments. The focus at BLS Gurukul is to offer 360º development to students, giving them a nurturing environment with sufficient exposure. And I believe that the true value of lessons learned outside the bounds of a classroom. At BLS Gurukul we go beyond and ensure that our students will get the best of indoor and outdoor training for strength, intelligence and knowledge. Strength without intelligence makes us dimwitted tools in the hands of others.

Intelligence without strength, on the other hand, means no one can realize their dreams. Strength does not mean only a good body, it means a body that has stamina, and a mind that has patience and knowledge and that is the BLSGurukul is all about. These “tiny steps” of the Abhigya Foundation will lay the foundation of future India in which each dream of every child will turn into actuality.

Bhartendu Prakash Trivedi, Founder

Villages are our root, and we need to nurture it.