Facilities -

Dr. Banwari Lal Sharma Gurukul is equipped with all world-class facilities.

Sports arena: Mary Kom Center

Our school has well trained and experienced Sports staff at the “Mary Kom Center”. The coaches are committed to drawing out the best sporting instincts in students and getting all the students involved. Sports are a unique way of learning social skills and teamwork. We aim to develop our students into a self-confident and responsible human being. We are committed to expanding our sports programs.



It is a great game of fitness and learning teamwork. We have both indoor and outdoor facilities. It is one of the three safest games of the word and contact less game



It is an intense game and makes your heart muscle stronger and improves endurance and stamina. We have a synthetic court for every student to improve their skills.



Badminton is contactless and one of the safest games. Badminton players have a much lower injury rate compared to other sportspersons. And it is the second most favorite game in India.


Table Tennis

Table Tennis develops mental acuity, improves reflexes and hand-eye coordination, stimulates different parts of the brain, Improves balance and coordination Our coaches are well experienced to get the best outcome from the students.



BLS Gurukul has a ‘3600 square feet’ swimming pool. It reduces the stress of the body, builds endurance. Swimming maintains healthy heart, lungs and builds strength as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming.



This indoor game improves logical thinking, subjective knowledge, and teaches independence. Chess also improves patience and concentration and memory. We have multiple places for our students to improve their skills.



The BLS gurukul has multiple seats for the students. This game helps in increasing the logical reasoning power in children.



BLS Gurukul holds clay and mat pitch to tone skills of the young batsman, bowler, and wicket-keepers.



Our School teaches basketball techniques, fundamentals, in the best possible way to excel in every competition.



The students can ease and warm up themselves before playing any game or sport.


Gymnastics and acrobatics

This area is equipped with all the instruments to do exercise in a fresh and green environment.

Paramahansa Yogananda center of Yoga

Dr. Banwari Lal Sharma Gurukul renders paramount importance to health and fitness for which it is always at the front foot to organize varied counseling and Yoga sessions for the students once in every week. The sessions are inclusive of various fundamentals and pre-requisites to attain good health. Our yoga trainers try to give lessons according to the child’s needs and at least make them perfect in “5 Prime-Pranayams”.


Nritta center of Kathak

Kathak is ancient dance culture and it is a symbol of secularism and pride of Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Banwari Lal Sharma Gurukul has an optional course of kathak for the students, who like to opt for it. Kathak has many benefits for the body as well as it improves the bodily posture and overall body balance of your growing child and not just that it also strengthens the eye and neck muscles as these are used a lot during the dance moves.

Hostel: The Valmiki Sadan

Dr. Banwari Lal Sharma Gurukul has a two-story hostel facility, called “Valmiki Sadan” for the students, who cannot travel every day and kill a lot of time on the road rather than studying and improving their sports skills. At Valmiki Sadan, we have hygienic, traditional, and environment-friendly kitchen areas, where we serve the best vegetarian cuisines to the students. Valmiki Sadan has an occupancy of 40 students currently.


Baba saheb Library

Dr. Banwari Lal Sharma Gurukul has a very good library system containing online as well as hard copy books available for the students and other staff. At the library information about every book has been placed in such a manner that every book is very easy to locate and the newest/most popular books are offered at right upfront.

In the digital library, we have provided advanced and robust search functions so every student can search the catalog, FAQs, or events. They can even narrow down the search by choosing keyword, title, subject, or the author.

Madame Curie Chemistry Lab

Our chemistry lab is well equipped with all the apparatus and safety equipment prescribed by the Education department. Without practical knowledge, students can mug-up the lectures but they cannot learn the fundamentals of chemistry. The practicality of the experiments develops a better understanding, and it creates “the interest” about the study among students so they are always keen to learn and get better grades in exams and life as well. Students are performing all the experiments under the strict guidance of the teachers.


Brin lab of computers

Computers allow a kid to understand the world logically and analytically. It encourages problem-solving and critical thinking and inspires kids to learn from their mistakes. Computer learning forces kids to focus and build confidence among them. Dr. Banwari Lal Sharma Gurukul has a computer lab equipped with 50 laptop computers and most of the soft skill and programming software.

Olympiad and seminars

Dr. Banwari Lal Sharma Gurukul arranges olympiad, seminars, webinars, and debate events for students every year both online and offline. These events are organized to encourage the students in various subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Junior Science, and Astronomy. Our school sends applications to the National and International Olympiad as well. Participating in an Olympiad exam at the national and international level is considered a great academic accomplishment and is considered very valuable.


Rules for School Bus Drivers

At our school, we pick-up our students to their nearest bus center location. We follow strict guidelines for transport, some of them are given below –

1. The bus driver must carry a valid Driver’s License and an ID card issued by the school. The Diver must not exceed the speed limit beyond 40 Km/h.

2. Driver must wear uniform and seat belt at all times while driving the vehicle.

3. Strictly no smoking or driving under the influence.

4. The drivers must undergo medical and physical test every year.

5. The management and the bus drivers must inspect the vehicles regularly and perform routine maintenance check-ups.

6. No school bus driver shall allow a passenger or other unauthorized person to operate the school bus at any time, nor shall any person except the driver be allowed to sit in the driver’s seat.

7. No school bus driver shall leave the driver’s seat without first setting the brakes, shutting off the motor, placing the bus in gear, and removing the ignition key from he lock. The keys shall be kept in the driver’s possession.

8. School bus drivers shall pick up only the students and persons designated by an authorized school pick-up center.

9. School bus drivers shall be certain that all brakes, lights, stop signs, warning signal lamps, and other safety devices are working properly before starting on any trip and shall assure that the bus is equipped with a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

10. School bus drivers shall immediately report any suspected malfunction or needed repair of the school bus in their charge.

school bus

Bus Rules for Parents

1. Parents are requested not to enter school bus to see off and receive their wards.

2. Parents should not try to overtake and stop the school bus to facilitate the boarding of their wards as this endangers the safety of the bus and its occupants. This act would lead to strict disciplinary action.

3. Parents should not argue with the educators present in the bus or the conductor / driver. If there is any problem, a written complaint to the transport incharge should be given.