Safety -

1.  CCTC in all Nooks and Crannies of the School Premises

2. The school compound is fenced and gated

3. Biometric attendance is a must for coming to school premises or going outside.

4. Security personal at the gate and buses

5. Trained drivers for the buses and cabs

6. Without any clearance at the office, no one is allowed to enter the school premises

7. All the school staff always have possession of their ID card

8. Without checking the background and police verification, we do not employ any teaching or other staff

9. Students are being trained on security-related subjects and Corona protocol

10. Only the parents of the students or someone duly assigned is allied to pick up students from the school. School administration gives ID cards to students as well as their guardians, without showing that card no one can be allowed to pick up the students.

11. Fire alarm and fire extinguishers are well placed in the center of the school

12. Students’ bags are being checked by the teaching staff from time to time to bring any harmful materials to the school.

13. First aids are available 24 hours in the school. Most common medicine varies from Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, and allopathy medicines are available in the school for any crisis.

14. School building followed all the norms prescribed under the National Building Code.

15. Most importantly we have 5 days’ week. The last day of the week is assigned to extracurricular activities such as Kathak, Sports, debates, or educational tours.